Graylor Workwear

Project Details

Our client required a platform that would allow their clients to login to the site, browse catalogue items and place orders through their unique user accounts. To that end we designed a new website for our client that features a responsive mobile first design powered by Drupal with user editable content types tailored to the client specifications. The website features an easy to maintain product catalogue that is easily accessible by site browsers. We focused on helping build our clients SEO rankings and the site has seen a 400% increase in traffic since launch.

Company Details

Graylor Workwear is an established provider of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Workwear products in the South African market.
Established in 1988 and with 26 years  of experience in the industry, Graylor offers the expertise and knowledge in ensuring our clients are adequately equipped to provide the safest working environment for their employees.

Graylor Workwear

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